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Come Here In Gaya Dham Bihar To Get Salvation For All Your Forefathers, And Parents.

Pandit Booking Service For Gaya Ji Shradh, Pind Daan, Tarpan, Pitra Dosh Puja, Tripindi & Narayanbali Shradh.

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There is very good arrangement for stay/stay at Pind Daan place in Gaya city.


We also have Dharamshala and Guest House which is completely free for the pilgrims.

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Hotel & Dharmshala Absolutely Free

Gaya Dham

Note-Call us to get any rituals, Pind Daan, Shraddha and Puja-Archana done by Acharyas/Pandits in Gaya ji.

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Gaya Dham

Worship And Rituals Performed In Mukti Dham Gaya Pilgrimage-

  • Pind Daan of fathers/ancestors
  • Tarpan, Shraddha
  • gaya ji shraddha
  • Pitra Paksha Shraddha
  • Amavasya Shraddha
  • All Pitra Amavasya Shraddha
  • Pitra Dosha Nivaran Puja
  • Tripindi Shraddha
  • Narayanbali Shraddha
  • Narayan Nagbali Puja
  • Premature death, premature death, death at a young age, after death in an accident Shradh for the salvation of their soul
  • funeral rituals (rituals after the tenth day)
  • Tulsi Archana, Mahapuja, Milk Abhishek Pavpuja, Satyanarayan Bhagwan Puja etc in Vishnupad Temple.
  • Call us to get any of the above rituals, worship done by Acharyas / Pandits in Gaya ji
Gaya Dham

Best Places For Pind Daan At Gaya Ji Dham In Bihar

Vishnu Pad Temple

Falgu River

Akshay Vat

Pretshilla Hill

Sita Kund

Gaya Ji Shraddha, Gaya, Bihar

Pitru Paksha Shraddha, Gaya, Bihar

Amavasya Shraddha, Gaya, Bihar

Tripindi Shraddha, Gaya, Bihar

Narayanbalishradh, Gaya, Bihar

Narayan Nagbali Shraddha, Gaya, Bihar

Pitridosh Nivaran Puja, Gaya, Bihar

Vishnupad Temple, Gaya, Bihar

Online Shradh & Pind Daan

Gaya, Bihar,India
  • Online Shradh
  • Online Pind Daan
  • Live Shradh On Whatsapp Video Call
  • Live Puja/Shradh Sankalp

Sankalp Of Related Puja OR Shradh On WhatsApp Video Call or On Phone Call

नोट- If you want to perform any puja, Pind Daan of ancestors,

Shradh in Gaya Ji Tirth, then get

your puja done live by taking a resolution from Pandit ji over the phone sitting at home.

Gaya Dham

Our Pandits/Priests

Pt. Kapil Kumar
(पितल किवाड़ वाला पंडा)
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Gaya Dham

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Gaya Dham

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